Dispatches from an accidental expat–a humorous commentary on British life by a bewildered American who, through no fault of his own, found himself living in England.

‘Laugh out loud funny regardless of which side of the pond you call home…Bill Bryson move over, there’s a new American expat in town with a keen sense of humor.’ Jeff Yeager, … More

In August 2001, while on vacation in Ireland, Michael Harling met a woman from England. Six months later he was married, living in Sussex and attempting to come to terms with a new life and a startlingly foreign culture. So began Postcards From Across the Pond.

Now he’s back, with more humorous vignettes from the second half of his first decade among the British. No longer baffled by simple tasks—such as mailing a letter or … More

This is the tale that started it all–a two-week vacation to Ireland, where the author experiences life in Europe for the first time, and discovers he is ill-suited to the challenge.

Along the way he finds himself at odds with the Irish climate, traversing treacherous terrain and in desperate need of a Laundromat. But he is on a mission, a pilgrimage … More

The Postcards Omnibus, containing the full text of Postcards From Across the PondMore Postcards From Across the Pond, and Postcards From Ireland for one low price … More