Postcards From Across the Pond


Dispatches from an accidental expat–a humorous commentary on British life by a bewildered American who, through no fault of his own, found himself living in England.

‘Laugh out loud funny regardless of which side of the pond you call home…Bill Bryson move over, there’s a new American expat in town with a keen sense of humor.’ Jeff Yeager, author of ‘The Ultimate Cheapskate’s Road Map To True Riches’

‘A very funny book indeed. I was literally laughing out loud whilst reading this book; not only did I enjoy it, but I am now craving more.’ Steve Gillen, moderator of US-UK Forum

‘Not only fascinating for Anglophiles who’ve only visited the ‘motherland’ on vacation, but very, very funny, too. Joe Queenan and Bill Bryson…watch out!’ Diana Burrell, co-author of ‘The Renegade Writer’

‘A lovely, quixotic, affectionate attempt to bring together those ‘two nations divided by a common language.’ A must for travellers in both directions.’ Gordon Astley, presenter of BBC Southern Counties Radio

‘Whether you’ve been in the UK for decades, or are just about to embark on your journey, sit back and enjoy Mike Harling’s unique, entertaining descriptions of his life across the pond.’ Toni Hargis, author of ‘Rules Britannia’