Postcards From Ireland


This is the tale that started it all–a two-week vacation to Ireland, where the author experiences life in Europe for the first time, and discovers he is ill-suited to the challenge.

Along the way he finds himself at odds with the Irish climate, traversing treacherous terrain and in desperate need of a Laundromat. But he is on a mission, a pilgrimage of sorts, to uncover the elusive mystique that is the real Ireland. And while this ideal continues to elude him, he finds the one thing he was determined to avoid.

Postcards From Ireland is a humorous ramble through the bogs and backlands of Ireland via the bewildered musings of the author who, while displaying his trademark ineptitude at dealing with life beyond the borders of the US of A, is unknowingly being drawn into an even greater adventure.

‘What a lovely, joyous celebration of life! Artfully written with a gentle self-deprecating humour throughout.’